Deals Available This Winter!


Dunlop Roadsmart III/Sportmax Q3+ & GPR-300 for Sportbikes/Sport Touring, Continental TKC70 & TKC 80/ Dunlop D606 for Dual sport/Adventure Bikes and as always, every Dunlop American Elite/D401/D402/Elite 3&4 tires for Harleys and Cruiser bikes. Purchases made from stock in store and are conditional on availability.

Tires regularly in stock on the shelf, are:

Dunlop American Elite  D401/D402/D404/Elite 4     Sportmax GPR-300/Q3+ Roadsmart III/Trailsmart /D606

Continental TKC80

Metzeler ME 888

We now Carry Michelin and Pirelli.

As of January 2020, we now carry Michelin and Pirelli tires, besides our other great brands to meet your motorcycle tire needs.

Olympia Motorcycle Tire

Located on the Westside of Olympia, minutes from I-5 and HWY 101,  I’m here to serve the motorcycle tire, brake, fluid/filter and maintenance needs of South Puget Sound and surrounding counties, specializing in Harley Davidson motorcycles, with all brands welcome.

Service You Can Trust

We provide the very best in motorcycle maintenance and tire service.

Competitive Prices

We are a Dunlop Pro dealer and we can offer very competitive prices with rebates and unmatched service.

What I Offer

Peace of mind. We ride on 2 areas the size of a credit card which our lives depend on. Why skimp here? I’m a Dunlop Pro Dealer. We also carry Continental, Metzeler, Avon, Bridgestone, Kenda, IRC and Dual Sport/Adventure/dirt bike tires also. I do maintenance, fluid/filter/brake pad changes in addition to tires and have an array of parts/apparel. We carry Maxima, Lucas & Bel-Ray Fluids, K&N/S&S Filters. Why? Because they’re the best, of course.

Check with me before your next internet purchase, you might be surprised at my competitive prices and being a dealer, I, not you deal with the manufacturer if you have a tire issue. I started riding dirt in 1969 and street riding in 1975. I’ve done most of my own wrenching the whole time. I take the same work ethic and demand for quality into my shop as I did for 18 years in my contracting business. Do it right or don’t do it at all. Is there any other way?

Olympia Motorcycle Tire

Quality motorcycle tires and motorcycle services at affordable prices with unmatched service.

Contact Us


2407 Harrison Ave NW, Suite 201
Olympia, WA 98502

Phone:  (360) 338-0196 

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri:   10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday Morning by Appointment Only for drop-off's only.
Closed Sunday