Drive Belt Replacement

Drive belts are a critical piece of your motorcycle and should be inspected on regular intervals. We recommend checking your belt more often if you end up on a dirt of gravel road.



Drive Belts

  • How often should you replace it? Approximately 70k-75k miles.
  • How often should you inspect it? Weekly, or every time you ride on a dirt or gravel road. One rock caught in your sprocket can damage your belt in up to 30 locations in as little as 20 miles.
  • Why do you use the brand you use? Cycra High Strength Final Drive Belts (a team of S&S and Gates). Gates has always made the best belts of any kind and S&S is known across the industry as the best name in performance parts.
  • Replacing final drive belts on a HD motorcycle is not a quick job and having one break on a long distance ride can ruin a vacation or a group ride for many.